HDR’s Christine Harris and Chloe Grabowski Named GRIT Awards Finalists

Experience Energy has named HDR’s Christine Harris and Chloe Grabowski GRIT Awards Finalists. Selected from nearly 200 nominations, Harris and Grabowski represent two of the 39 finalists from oil and gas, utilities and alternative energy companies, as well as academia and non-government organizations. GRIT Awards were created to recognize women leaders in energy, and men who advocate for their progress.  

Christine Harris

Harris, HDR power generation regulatory compliance lead, is an industry-recognized program manager with an unmatched understanding of clients, developed in part by her 28 years of work for a utility. Harris partners with utilities to share her decommissioning know-how and compliance expertise for regulations including 316(b), coal combustion residuals and the effluent limitations guidelines. She's a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and integrates process management culture into every project she touches.  

Chloe Grabowski

Grabowski, HDR assistant project manager, specializes in designing water and wastewater air quality control chemical and balance of plant systems associated with power generation facilities. 

When asked by Experience Energy about the most rewarding part of her career, Grabowski said, “Day in and out, it’s helping clients navigate challenges and finding solutions to problems. I am most rewarded when I can solve a problem by implementing a new idea or creative solution — it gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility.”  

GRIT Award winners will be announced on October 10, 2019, at the Westin Houston, Memorial City in Houston, Texas.