David Ward Receives the AFS 2020 Meritorious Service Award

David Ward Receives the AFS 2020 Meritorious Service Award
David Ward

David Ward, senior fisheries biologist and fisheries and aquatic sciences technical director with HDR, has been honored with the prestigious American Fisheries Society 2020 Meritorious Service Award.

First presented in 1986, the annual award recognizes an individual AFS member for loyalty, dedication, and meritorious service to the Society over a long period of time, and for exceptional commitment to the organization’s programs, objectives, and long-term goals. 

Ward came to HDR almost a decade ago, after a 27-year tenure between the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority. He brought with him relationships and key contacts through his past agency work as well as active membership in AFS, and quickly became a key leader in HDR's fisheries program. Ward served as the Oregon Chapter AFS President (2003-2005) and the Western Division President (2010-2013).  

In addition to his technical expertise in Columbia River Basin aquatic species, Ward is skilled at formulating strategic managerial and policy recommendations, designing and leading both large and small fish inventory monitoring and research projects, and identifying and resolving conflicting positions among key state, federal and tribal stakeholders. He is also an accomplished scientific writer with 17 peer-reviewed journal publications. In 2015, HDR recognized Ward as a Senior Professional Associate for his professional excellence, leadership and deep mastery of his craft.  Today, he provides thought leadership and insight to our fisheries professionals throughout the nation.  

“Dave’s ability to build unity around a common goal has paid huge dividends both internally and externally. When first appointed our fisheries science practice leader, he created a collaborative effort among staff scattered across the country,” said Robert Boling, water resource management market sector director. “Dave launched our fisheries science practice group and provided mentorship to those who led it. Several multi-stakeholder projects also owe their success to his team-building skills. Dave’s leadership has produced winning work and created clients for life for HDR.”  

Ward will be presented the Meritorious Service Award on September 21st at this year’s AFS Virtual Annual Meeting.

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