Greg Yankey Joins DFI Seepage Control Committee

Greg Yankey
Greg Yankey

Greg Yankey has joined the Seepage Control Committee of the Deep Foundations Institute. The committee is a collective forum of owners and practitioners discussing industry best practices for seepage cutoff and foundation improvements for water infrastructure projects. 

DFI is an international association in the deep foundations industry. As a committee member, Yankey will assist in creating DFI technical publications and programs for seminars, workshops and conferences; answer technical queries from industry members; create and review subject matter materials for DFI conferences and publications; and peer review industry/agency publications by other organizations.

“HDR is excited to have Greg join DFI and continue his leadership in dam and levee engineering on DFI’s Seepage Control Committee,” said Bob Beduhn, director of HDR’s dams, levees and civil works program. “Seepage issues are one of the leading potential failure modes for both dams and levees, and with the growing use of Risk Informed Decision Making and Potential Failure Mode Analysis, it is important to expand our understanding of seepage mechanisms and mitigation techniques to improve dam and levee safety.”   

Yankey is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience on projects across North America. He serves as the geotechnical practice lead for HDR’s dams, levees and civil works program. Yankey also serves on the Kentucky Geological Survey Advisory Board appointed by the governor of Kentucky, and he was in the Charter Class of Leadership PE — a program developed to create a strong understanding of the role of engineers in society and their obligations.