HDR Project Selected for Top Award by American Planning Association

HDR Project Selected for Top Award by American Planning Association
New truck circulation pattern as part of area development plan

American Planning Association’s Federal Planning Division recognizes outstanding projects with its annual awards. The Defense Logistics Agency Worldwide Area Development Plans Program received the 2019 Honor Award for an Outstanding Federal Planning Program. This category evaluates large-scale planning efforts that best represent and incorporate the ideas of sustainability, innovative problem solving, and coordinated planning processes.

The DLA planning program is a partnership with HDR to develop a comprehensive suite of ADPs for more than 30 locations reflecting mission changes throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. The DLA Major Subordinate Command, Disposition Services, is the clearinghouse for damaged, used, or surplus government property. The goal of the ADPs is to better align their campuses, facilities and business operations.

Throughout the planning process, the HDR team coordinated with more than 300 stakeholders, including headquarters staff and local area managers; host installation planners; and fire/safety, traffic, public works, utilities, communications and environmental program staff. This collaboration resulted in realistic and action-oriented ADPs illustrating the preferred course of action in 3D, and a capital investment strategy.

This project, executed by HDR and our subcontractor Prosser, was selected for the highest award from more than 60 nominations across the country. The selection jury consists of planning and design professionals from the public, private and academic sectors. The Defense Logistics Agency ADP Program excelled in each of the following four criteria: public engagement, effectiveness and results, comprehensiveness and transferability.

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