HDR Selected by CalRecycle to Develop Statewide VOC Emissions Guide for California

HDR has been selected by CalRecycle to develop a statewide volatile organic compounds emissions guide for California. The industry-advancing project will dig into the operational processes underlying composting to study the effects on VOCs emissions and compost stabilization rates.

Achieving California’s ambitious organic waste diversion goals will require significant investment in the state’s waste facilities. CalRecycle is providing grant funding to help California achieve the goals spurred by Senate Bill 1383, which requires significant increases (75%) in organics diversion from residences, businesses and municipalities.

Marking a critical step forward, the project supports a shift to a composting approach based on science and engineering. Research will focus on biological relationships between key aspects of the compost process, the production of stable soil amendment, and emissions that result. 

“Our compost scientists, engineers, source testers and technology suppliers are working together to evaluate published data and deploy a blend of conventional and emerging measurement methods,” said Tim Raibley, vice president at HDR. “There’s an impending surge of California’s compost facilities receiving greater quantities of food waste. We believe this scientific, yet cost-effective methodology and the resulting guidance document will be crucial to the success of these facilities in meeting the climate action goals set forth by our legislature.”

California currently landfills approximately 20 to 23 million tons of organic waste every year — two-thirds of the state’s overall waste stream. The state’s current goal is to dispose of no more than 11.5 million tons of organic waste in landfills, and after 2025 the goal drops to 5.7 million tons.


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