HDR Selected as Owner’s Engineer for Salt Lake City LNG Facility

Dominion Energy Magna LNG Facility Rendering

Dominion Energy Utah has selected HDR to continue as the owner’s engineer for its new liquefied natural gas facility project in Magna, Utah. The selection establishes HDR as the owner’s engineer throughout construction of the facility, continuing the role HDR has held on the project for the past four years.

The Magna LNG facility will provide Dominion Energy Utah customers with a steady, reliable flow of gas to homes and businesses. It is designed to liquefy gas at a rate of 8.2 MMscfd (100,000 gallons per day), store it in a 15-million-gallon storage tank and, when needed, vaporize the LNG at a rate of 150 MMscfd.  

LNG storage at the facility will enable Dominion Energy Utah to improve supply reliability and save its customers' costs. Historically, roughly half the natural gas sold to Dominion Energy Utah retail customers comes from company-owned supplies, which are typically more stably priced than gas purchased from other suppliers. When demand is lower in warmer months, “extra” natural gas in liquid form is stored to be available when demand is higher.  

Dominion Energy Utah plans to begin construction in 2020 and complete the Magna LNG facility by 2022.  

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