HDR Selected as Part of a Consortium to Design Naver’s Newest Data Center

HDR's Sangmin Lee and Brian Kowalchuk present as part of Naver's data center design competition.

The consortium of Junglim | One One Architects | HDR has been announced as the winner of Naver’s international design competition for its newest data center, Angle: Sejong. Naver owns South Korea’s largest web search engine and is a global information and communications technology brand.

The consortium was selected from 45 teams representing 12 countries. "We selected the winner not only for the design proposal, but also for the stability of the design performance, the client's communication skills, and the synergy of the team," said YuJin-bok, architects' director at the International Union of Architects who participated as a jury member.

Naver plans to use its new data center as an infrastructure for high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous driving, robots and 5G mobile communications. This was the second annual design competition they have held — the first one being for the design of the Chuncheon Data Center. The Angle: Sejong data center will be located on a 293,697 square-meter site in Kumhyun-ri, Sejong City, and will be more than six times the size of the Chuncheon Data Center.

“Naver’s commitment to designing a data center that is technologically advanced, contextually sensitive and informed by a transparent, collaborative process strongly aligns with the values and strengths of our design consortium,” said Sangmin Lee, HDR regional director. “We are honored to be selected to work on this groundbreaking project.”

As part of their commitment to sharing progress on the project with the public, Naver is sharing images from key milestones on their Instagram account.

“We are excited to work alongside Naver as the project progresses,” said Robert Sty, P.E., HDR’s tech sector director. “There will be many opportunities to highlight how the data center design process can both support innovations in advanced technologies and elevate the importance of sustainability in buildings with a large energy requirement.”

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