HDR Selected as HDD Design Engineering Consultant for Port Arthur Pipeline Louisiana Connector and Texas Connector Projects

Port Arthur Pipeline, a subsidiary of Sempra LNG, selected HDR as horizontal directional drill detailed design and geotechnical engineering consultant for its proposed Louisiana Connector and Texas Connector pipeline projects.

The proposed Louisiana Connector project is expected to be a 42-inch-diameter, 131-mile pipeline, while the Texas Connector project would consist of two segments of 42-inch-diameter pipeline, the 7.6 Texas Connector South Segment, and the 26.6-mile Texas Connector North Segment. The projects are expected to transport and provide natural gas as an additional feed gas source to the proposed Port Arthur liquefied natural gas facility under development in Jefferson County, Texas.

HDR's HDD detailed design efforts include:

  • Planning and executing a geotechnical investigation campaign based on preliminary HDD designs previously developed by HDR.
  • Conducting a comprehensive constructability evaluation.
  • Developing detailed designs with supporting documentation and engineering assessments for Sempra LNG's use in final permitting, bidding and HDD crossing construction.

HDD and other trenchless construction methods are used where open-cut pipeline construction methods aren't possible due to major highways, railroads, water bodies and environmentally sensitive sites.