HDR’s Theresa McClure Promoted to Transportation Strategic Communications Director

Theresa McClure

A successful program builder and transportation industry leader, Theresa McClure has been named the strategic communications director for HDR’s transportation practice. In this role, she will help lead communication efforts with the national cross sector, which includes 130 practitioners in 24 areas. She will also collaborate with Infrastructure Advisory Services and Program Management.

McClure will leverage nearly 20 years of industry experience to elevate HDR’s technical excellence in strategic communications and diversifying HDR’s abilities. She will be instrumental in helping HDR teams and clients plan and identify innovative, tailored strategies to manage the social and political risks associated with implementing community-focused transportation programs.

“An expert-level communications practitioner, Theresa is well known for her ability to advise executive leadership on their most important implementation challenges and build strong, diverse teams,” said Transportation Operational Resiliency Director Janet González Tudor. “She brings a passionate and analytical approach to each project that effectively drives decision-making and manages risks for owners and all stakeholders.”

With ongoing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, resiliency-based drivers and social equity considerations, the way HDR engages with its communities has changed. McClure is well versed in pivoting to virtual delivery methods and in delivering communication efforts that include underrepresented and hard-to-reach populations. 

McClure most recently served as East Region strategic communications manager. Among her many accomplishments, her work on the Carolina Crossroads Environmental Impact Statement project is pointed to by departments of transportation across the country as the gold standard for public relations, communications and public involvement. McClure’s expertise has been seen in all transportation market sectors and across major geographies in the United States and Canada.

“The strategic communications efforts of Theresa and her team pave the way for thoughtful, holistic mobility solutions,” said Transportation President Tom McLaughlin. “Their comprehensive stakeholder data acquisition, engagement strategies and much more offer great value to our clients, allowing program risks for transportation infrastructure to be identified and managed at any stage.”