HDR Completes Long-Term Waste Management Plan for Durham Region

With HDR as the lead consultant, the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada, approved its Long-Term Waste Management Plan that sets several objectives for the area through 2040, including reducing waste, using waste as a resource and supporting the region’s climate change mitigation efforts.

When developing the plan, HDR and Durham considered several changes in the region over the next two decades, like increasing population and diversity, and employment growth. The region is also expecting a need for more cost effective and accessible waste management services.

“We’re excited to continue work with Durham Region on their long-term waste future,” said Larry Fedec, HDR’s solid waste program lead. “This plan will guide Durham in developing innovative ways to use waste as a resource, while demonstrating leadership in sustainability and mitigating environmental impacts.”

The concept of waste as a resource, meaning waste is captured and reused in materials, products or power generation, is a crucial strategy and part of Durham’s long-term goal for a circular economy. The region will target a 10% increase in organic waste diversion and expansion of waste programs to manage more materials. There is also an emphasis on community awareness, particularly the 5Rs — rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. 

The plan outlines working with businesses in the area to implement Extended Producer Responsibility — which holds companies financially and operationally responsible for managing their products — and adjusting waste programs accordingly.

HDR is a long-time waste partner to the Durham Region, working on past projects such as the Durham York Energy Centre, an energy-from-waste facility. The Durham Region covers more than 235,000 households and almost 680,000 residents within eight municipalities. 

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