HDR Director of Research Jeri Brittin Selected to Participate in ULI Health Leaders Network

Jeri Brittin HDR
Jeri Brittin

Jeri Brittin, Ph.D., HDR director of research, has been selected as a leader in the 2022 Fifth Cohort of the Urban Land Institute’s Health Leaders Network.  

The ULI Health Leaders Network aims to empower real estate and land use professionals with the knowledge and networks necessary to improve health outcomes throughout their practice and communities. The network facilitates creative collaborations between the fields of public health, planning, design, development and beyond to equip participants with knowledge on development and design strategies aimed at improving health, well-being and social equity. 

For the next year, Dr. Brittin will contribute to important discussions about the intersection between health, social equity, and the built environment. As a public health research scientist with a background in design and business, Dr. Brittin brings her expertise in health and behavioral outcomes of the built environment to the ULI Health Leaders Network.  

“I’m honored to have been selected to be part of ULI’s Health Leaders Network. It’s particularly exciting to me that ULI is embracing transdisciplinary discussion — a contrast to many organizations that focus on supporting or promoting one professional field of expertise,” Dr. Brittin said. “In order to meaningfully address pressing societal issues such as health and equity in the built environment, I believe that we must not only pursue disciplinary expertise, but also be humble enough to engage with people who have critical knowledge in other relevant areas.” 

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