HDR’s Justin Robbins Promoted to Senior Electrified Mobility State DOT Program Development Leader

Justin Robbins
Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins, AICP, has been promoted to serve as HDR’s senior electrified mobility state DOT program development leader. 

In his new role, Robbins will help HDR develop and mature HDR’s business providing state Departments of Transportation and local agencies with assistance as they move toward the vision of zero emissions mobility. The bipartisan Infrastructure Law appropriated $5 billion to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations that will enable long-distance EV travel across the country. He will collaborate with staff throughout HDR in support of projects across North America in developing strategies to deploy EV charging infrastructure and establishing zero emissions mobility as a viable transportation option. 

“For me, it’s exciting to be involved in this enormous transformation,” Robbins said. “With transportation electrification, we’re essentially bringing these two very different and complex systems — transportation and power — together to create something new. There are a lot of challenges, but there’s also tremendous opportunity, especially with a firm like HDR that performs great work on both sides of that coin.”

Robbins’s expertise spans technology planning, city and regional planning as well as architecture. His electric vehicle and zero emissions mobility experience includes work with public and private entities, such as multi-state collaboration for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program. He served as the project manager and subject matter expert guiding plans for Minnesota, Kentucky and North Dakota to help each state achieve their EV-related infrastructure efforts. To help Florida DOT tackle the challenge of range anxiety, he served as a task lead to develop policy framework increasing adoption of EVs and supporting statewide charging infrastructure. He’s also served as a key contributor or subject matter expert in Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, California and Colorado. During the transition to his new position, he will continue to support EV statewide plans for North Dakota, Kentucky and Minnesota.

“Justin’s passion for electric vehicles combined with his technical expertise will be invaluable for agencies and DOTs pursuing resilient, clean mobility and EV infrastructure plans,” said Rob Mowat, HDR’s transportation electrified mobility practice lead.