Aiza Jose Sanchez

Aiza Jose Sanchez, P.E.

Water Resources Lead and Stormwater Quality Specialist

Based in our Dallas office, Aiza specializes in engineering focused on stormwater quantity and quality, and environmental approval and compliance for both public and private civil engineering projects. Her experience includes analysis, design, construction, management, and operation and maintenance of diverse stormwater management controls that comprise both traditional and innovative concepts. Her additional experience includes channel stabilization and stream restoration, watershed planning, floodplain management, drainage improvements, and design of stormwater control measures.

Aiza is passionate about stormwater quality and finding new and innovative ways to address contaminants that enter our stormwater and, eventually, our waterways — impacting our sources of drinking water supplies and the environment. 

Over eight years, she helped find solutions for addressing contamination of microplastics in the Matagorda Bay, which eventually discharges into the Gulf of Mexico. She helped deliver the full cycle for the project, which included designing the solutions, overseeing construction and commissioning, delivering trainings and monitoring operations for the solutions implemented.

Aiza remains involved in several professional organizations, most notably serving as the co-chair of the Stormwater and Watershed Committee for the Water Environment Association of Texas since 2016. She is also the primary author of various Water Environment Federation publications, including the “New Manual of Practice Overview: Urban Stormwater Controls Operation and Maintenance.”