Anna Lynn Smith

Anna Lynn Smith, AICP

Northeast Transit Planning Lead

As our Northeast transit planning lead, Anna Lynn works on transportation planning, with a focus on transit and rail, at both a regional and a national level. Her responsibilities include overseeing transportation planning efforts throughout the Northeast, as well as leading our high-speed and intercity passenger rail practice group. Her day-to-day involvement includes serving as project manager, deputy project manager, principal-in-charge, task lead or in a quality assurance/quality control role for a variety of transportation planning projects.

Anna Lynn is passionate about choices and balance: providing choices for how people travel, and ensuring, via planning, a balance among a variety of transportation modes. Her goal is to develop realistic and implementable mobility options, so people need not rely on a signal-occupant vehicle to get around.

She served in lead roles on the Philadelphia 30th Street Station District Plan, the Newark Regional Transportation Center in Delaware and the Federal Railroad Administration’s Midwest and Southeast Regional Rail Planning Studies. She participated in the 2010 Eno Center for Transportation Leadership Transit Mid-Manager Seminar and the WTS Inaugural Leadership Initiative Professional Development Program.

Recently, she presented in the session “Fast Trains for All” at the 2021 American Public Transportation Association High-Speed Rail Conference. Anna Lynn is a member of the Transportation Research Board, American Planning Association, WTS and Pennsylvanians for Transportation Solutions.