Blane Long

Blane Long, CVS

Director, Transportation Value Engineering Services

“Transportation and all of its markets are continually changing, with the introduction of new approaches for infrastructure development, design and construction and cutting-edge technologies to improve delivery and reduce risk. With Value Engineering, value equals performance over cost — and we strive to give our clients the best value possible with everything we do.”

As our transportation value engineering cross-sector services director, Blane provides leadership and critical planning for our value engineering and project risk management cross sector services. He facilitates VE and cost and schedule risk analysis workshops for our clients and stakeholders to provide key information for improved decision support on large infrastructure projects. Blane is a leader in integrating tools and strategies to customize the VE process to meet the needs of a project. He also mentors and trains professionals to become VE and risk workshop facilitators. 

Blane brings his passion for collaboration to help our clients analyze their toughest issues. His typical involvement with projects may last a few days or weeks, but he loves to work with our clients to develop strategies to manage potential risks and develop holistic solutions to improve outcomes. He has contributed too many notable projects, including the award-winning SR 520 Floating Bridge in Seattle, the Alaska Way Viaduct Replacement and many others across the country. Prior to joining HDR, Blane spent nearly three decades with the Washington State Department of Transportation. 

Becoming a Certified Value Specialist (CVS®), one of fewer than 600 worldwide, is one of Blane’s foremost professional accomplishments, along with becoming a Professional Associate at HDR. As a CVS®, Blane has led more than 200 VE and risk workshops, which have provided more than $2.5 billion in net cost savings to clients.

A member of the Cascadia Chapter of SAVE International® board of directors since 2007, Blane has previously served as president, vice president and is currently the chapter secretary. His ability to bring innovative and cost-effective tools, such as risk assessment, to the VE process has been recognized by several AASHTO awards.

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