Chad Reilly HDR

Chad Reilly, AIA

Managing Principal

“If you find your career moving in a direction you did not anticipate, be prepared to work three times as hard to prove (or develop) your talent at the things you enjoy. Or, be open to growth and opportunities that might lie along a path you never considered. Either way you have one career journey, so listen to the people you trust, but don’t let anyone else decide the path for you.”

Chad is responsible for strategic visioning and accountability for the quality and profitability of the work that is produced in HDR’s Boston architecture studio. Day-to-day, he works with the studio’s market sector leaders and other employees to ensure that they have the resources they need to grow the practice in the region — and to succeed as professionals.

Chad first entered the profession 25 years ago because of the fulfillment that comes from seeing one’s imagination and efforts result in a physical form. As he matured in his career, he said he learned to appreciate the degree of impact that architecture can have on the people who encounter and use those buildings. And now that he has been fortunate enough to be involved in world-class projects, he is passionate about inspiring, challenging and mentoring HDR teams to make the most of each opportunity that they are afforded.

Rather than listing specific project awards and other milestones, Chad considers his most significant accomplishments to be the opportunities that have made him “leap way outside of his comfort zone.” Prior to managing the Art of the Americas Wing project at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, for example, he had never managed a project. Prior to taking on his current role at HDR, he had never been in charge of an office. “We are always learning how to do things better or more efficiently,” he said. “But one of my greatest indicators of accomplishment is the trust and confidence placed in me by my clients, my team and by HDR.”

Chad is actively involved in the Boston Society of Architects, and more recently, in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Massachusetts. He has been a frequent presenter throughout his career, with his most recent presentation being for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance.