Chad Wilkey


Interior Design Director

“I’m optimistic and excited about the future of our industry and want to see a new generation of designers push the boundaries farther than we can currently see."

Chad leads interior design in the Atlanta office, constantly pushing for human-centered design solutions for all our projects with a special focus on Corporate, Higher Education, Science and Tech fields. A champion of interdisciplinary design, he blends innovation, planning and architecture perspectives to deliver award-winning designs that reinforce project goals from programming through construction and occupancy.

His special emphasis is creating environments and moments for human connections. Chad’s work continues to be client-directed, drawing on empathetic solutions developed from a focused experience and a deep understanding of clients and users as a critical part of the design process. Toward that end, Chad embraces a data-driven design approach, translating clients’ data into useful information to expedite the decision-making process. Since data is an abstract representation of information, Chad seeks to find the patterns — combining art and science for a better understanding in order to provide the right answer to client questions.

Chad often organizes industry events that reach into the local and regional community and, as an active member of the International Interior Design Association, supports both the Best of the Best Design Awards and IIDA’s signature Dressed events. He’s also collaborating with the Savannah College of Art’s Interior Design Department to produce a lecture series, create a mentor program at HDR for students and collaborate on the future of our profession.