Christine Harris | Power Generation Regulatory Compliance Lead

Christine Harris

Power Generation Regulatory Compliance Lead

Christine is an industry-recognized program manager with an unmatched understanding of clients — she worked for a utility for 28 years. Now, she works with our clients and internal teams to share her decommissioning know-how and compliance expertise for regulations including 316(b), coal combustion residuals and the effluent limitations guidelines.  

Balancing expectations from multiple stakeholders is an everyday challenge for our clients. Christine constantly asks herself and our teams how the client would think, and is passionate about finding solutions that are mindful of every angle. Her real-life understanding of tight client budgets leads her to seek smart, cost-effective options. 

While serving as a utility’s director of power generation projects, Christine managed a $350 million portfolio of capital and operations and maintenance projects, oversaw the 316(b) compliance effort and the effort to implement a CCR compliance strategy for four generation facilities, and led the planning, decommissioning and demolition process for a coal power generating facility. 

Christine is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and integrates process management culture into every project she touches. She shares her knowledge with the industry by presenting on decommissioning and CCR for EUCI, EPRI and Infocast.