Christine Roarke | Senior Environmental Planner

Christine Roarke

Senior Environmental Planner

Christine is a certified zero waste professional, and an expert in helping clients implement plans to achieve ambitious waste diversion goals. She works with municipalities across North America to develop waste management master plans, perform waste audits and conduct organics studies.  

She is an integral part of our waste services helping our clients like the City of Toronto and the New York City Department of Sanitation work toward a circular economy. She’s inspired to see the long-term waste management strategies she’s helped develop being implemented in cities like Toronto and Winnipeg.  

Christine was recently appointed to the Ontario Waste Management Association’s EPR & Recycling Committee, and serves as a member of Solid Waste Association of North America and the Municipal Waste Association. She has presented at the Canadian Waste to Resource conference on the results of a New York City’s Department of Sanitation study to determine whether incentives would increase recycling at community housing, and co-presented at the New York SWANA Federation conference on a zero waste master plan.