Clay Rahn

Clay Rahn, P.E.

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Clay has worked in the water industry for 15 years on a wide range of construction, design and program management projects. He specializes in project management, design and on-site resident engineering with technical emphases in water and wastewater treatment plant design. 

Strong client, contractor, vendor and project team relationships, including effective and consistent communications, are a passion for Clay as he strives to be a trusted advisor on every project. His accomplishments include completing difficult resident engineering projects under budget, even ones requiring change orders and schedule extensions. He also has been published multiple times from his presentations at state and national conferences. 

Clay serves as a trustee and committee chair for the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Federation. He has two published articles on wastewater treatment processes. He also holds a vice-chair position at the national level with WEF’s Operator Advisory Panel.