Dennis Schulze_Freight Rail

Dennis Schulze, PE

Freight Rail Business Class Director

Project development drives Dennis’s day-to-day work. He loves to help clients make concepts into projects, holistically accounting for many layers—financial, environmental, design, implementation and operation. “Assembling all the pieces is something I enjoy,” he said.

As a previous department manager, business development manager and now program manager, Dennis is responsible for staff planning and development, strategic planning, budgeting and contracts.

In 2001, he helped establish our presence in Fort Worth and has been blazing trails ever since. He has earned a reputation in the industry for his focus on solutions. He is active with AREMA as a member of Committee 14—Yards and Terminals—and is a member of ACEC-Texas’s Education Committee. He is frequently invited to present at engineering schools and he sits on the Energy Committee for ASCE.