Don Leidy

Don Leidy

Director, Vehicle O&M Facility Design

Don is the leading force behind our operations and maintenance facility design practice, the original proprietor of HDR | Maintenance Design Group, which we acquired in 2017. His passion for problem solving dovetails neatly with his drive to create “innovative, safe and functional facilities that no one ever dreamed possible.”

In addition to planning and designing world-class facilities, Don doubles as a mentor with more than three decades of industry experience. Our facility design team, built under Don’s leadership, is largely responsible for elevating industry perceptions of operations and maintenance facilities.

Two of Don’s benchmark projects that won numerous awards and have proven to be game changers in the industry are Denver Regional Transportation District’s Elati Rail Operations Center and the Phoenix West Bus Transit Facility in Arizona. Don’s visionary planning and leadership made these great projects possible for our clients.

His insights have made him a trusted voice on two subcommittees for the American Public Transportation Association: the Capital Project Subcommittee and the High Speed and Intercity Rail Subcommittee, the latter coinciding with his career goal of seeing high-speed rail become a reality in the U.S.