Eric Plapper, Transportation Technology Project Manager

Eric Plapper

Project Manager, Transportation Technology

"I am not interested in technology for technology’s sake. I am interested in applying technology to make positive impacts in our clients’ communities. You have to change the lens through which you look at transportation infrastructure and realize that the underlying purpose is to improve society."

Eric embraces technology as a means to greater mobility, which he views as an agent of social change. For example, understanding how to support autonomous and connected technologies can help communities deploy infrastructure that fosters greater access to employment, healthcare and education. 

This theme showed itself in Eric’s contribution to the winning U.S. Department of Transportation Smart City Challenge grant application for the city of Columbus, Ohio. He helped write it, linking residential technology deployments in the Linden neighborhood to lower infant-mortality rates, and better access to jobs.

Eric earned his bachelor’s in history from Connecticut College and his master’s in City and Regional Planning from Ohio State University. His experience spans nearly a decade of advising communities about their transportation systems — from a policy standpoint as well as a technical one. He’s a member of the American Planning Association and the Intelligent Transportation Society of the Midwest.