Geoff Hill | Organics Management Specialist

Geoff Hill, Ph.D.

Organics Management Specialist

Geoff partners with clients on complex composting and anaerobic digestion projects. He works to help plan, design, permit and operate facilities to achieve green waste and food waste diversion goals amid increasingly stringent regulations.

In most waste streams, organics are the largest recoverable component. Geoff is passionate about the benefits composting brings to communities and helping clients successfully manage their organics and integrate composting as part of their waste management infrastructure.

As demand for organics management in the U.S. increases, Geoff’s knowledge of the interplay between facility design and operation is key to helping clients reach zero waste and compliance goals — even in locations where residents aren’t as receptive to hosting facilities in their neighborhoods. In one case, he helped a 240,000 ton per year composting and anaerobic digestion facility achieve a 97% reduction in odor complaints, substantial compost quality improvement, and a $2 million turnaround in financial performance. In another instance, he saved one of the largest composters in California over $100,000 in processing costs using data collection and field measurement techniques learned while earning his Ph.D. in compost science.

With over 15 years of experience in key roles within the organic waste sector, Geoff is excited to see the increasing interest in organics management, and enjoys sharing insights and best practices. He is a regular speaker and workshop instructor at major industry conferences including the U.S. Compost Council Conference, Biocycle West Coast, Waste Expo and Solid Waste Association of North America.