Harpal Kapoor

Harpal Kapoor

Transit Vehicle Practice Lead

Equipped with more than 35 years of experience in the transit industry, Harpal oversees the planning and design of our clients’ transit programs, facilities and systems, and serves as a senior program manager for major transit projects. He works with all modes of transit — including rail, people movers and buses — to provide complex engineering solutions that improve vehicle reliability and enhance customers’ experience. In collaboration with teams across HDR, Harpal is also advancing our transportation electrification practice to meet the increasing demand for zero emissions technology and fleet conversion. 

Harpal has led all phases of transit system development and operations, and has spearheaded long- and short-term strategic plans for bus and rail operations, maintenance, capital programs and engineering. He led dramatic improvements in fleet reliability and on-time performance for public transit systems in Washington, D.C., and Miami-Dade, Florida, and has worked with transit agencies across the United States and Canada. 

Beyond technical expertise, Harpal is passionate about creating equitable transit systems that support vulnerable and low-income populations who depend on transportation for their livelihoods. Maintaining a reliable, safe means of transport for all is a priority for him.       

Active in the transit industry, Harpal participates in the Society of Automotive Engineers as well as several leading American Public Transportation Association committees including the Bus Technical Committee, Bus Propulsion Committee and Connected Vehicles Committee.