James Prossick

James Prossick, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, R/W-AC

Real Estate Services Project Principal

Every day requires Jim to balance project-specific work with a sense of the larger picture. From our Bellevue, Washington, office, he builds and maintains right of way teams on a local, regional and national basis to deliver our cross-sector right of way services independently and as part of a larger ensemble.

Driven by providing lasting and useful infrastructure to the public, he helped to nationally diversify our ROW services through integration with other strategic services. By building successful teams, Jim effects staff development and advancement—ROW agents that started as controllers, techs or agents moving into agent and management roles.

As a member of IRWA’s International Asset Management Community of Practice and the International Electric Utility Committee, Jim has given more than 20 presentations. He has also facilitated more than eight sessions for EUCI.