James Wands

James Wands, P.E.

Project Manager, Toxics Fate & Transport Modeling

James’ extensive experience focuses on water quality issues in estuaries and rivers. He applies mathematical models to calculate chemical fate and transport to support sediment management decisions. In addition, he applies models to calculate the impacts of wastewater discharges on receiving waters. James’ most recent work has been managing a team on the Diamond Alkali Superfund Site in Newark, New Jersey.

James has contributed to significant advancements to the state of the science of contaminant fate and transport modeling, including improving capabilities of HDR’s models to meet clients’ site-specific project needs. 

He successfully worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to complete modeling analyses to support the Record of Decision for a $1.4 billion cleanup of an 8-mile stretch of the Lower Passaic River. James continues to work with a large group of stakeholders with varying interests to build consensus on a path forward to address contamination in the remaining portion of the Lower Passaic River.

He has presented at and participated in the primary professional conferences related to contaminated sediments. James has also co-authored a number of journal articles related to the application of models to contaminant and nutrient-related issues.