John Koreny | HDR | speaker | ACE18 conference | las vegas

John Koreny, PG, PHG, PEG

Senior Hydrogeologist

As a project manager in Seattle, John Koreny has 20 years of experience developing and managing groundwater supply projects for municipalities, industries and agriculture throughout the western United States. His academic training included environmental engineering and hydrogeology, and he has found a niche within HDR as co-leader of our groundwater supply/resource practice group.

John has focused his career on water supply projects with specialty services in aquifer recharge using stormwater, surface water and recycled water. Well versed in California’s Code of Regulations Title 22, which provides rules for recycled water, John has experience on five aquifer recharge projects using reclaimed/recycled water in four Western states. He is also a co-author for WateReuse Foundation’s research publication, “Selection and Testing of Tracers for Measuring Travel Times in Groundwater Aquifers Augmented with Reclaimed Water.” His recent projects include the LOTT Clean Water Alliance aquifer recharge in western Washington and the Willow Springs water bank aquifer recharge project near Los Angeles.

John also assists clients with their groundwater supply sources and has been involved with the development and management of wellfields for a variety of municipal and industrial clients. His recent groundwater supply projects include wellfield development and management for King Cove, Alaska; Hycroft Mine in Nevada; A&B Irrigation District in Idaho; and the Cities of Olympia and Tacoma in Washington state.

John enjoys finding practical solutions for each client’s project. In his free time, he can be found shooting Nerf guns with his 10-year-old son or enjoying the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.