Kendal Tanner

Kendal Tanner, P.E.

Director, Integrated Delivery
Constructors Operations Manager

Kendal Tanner oversees integrated delivery projects within the industrial, mining, oil and gas, waste and federal resources sectors.

He is responsible for managing opportunities and teams from project inception through completion. This includes identifying and developing relationships with construction and strategic partners, overseeing preconstruction and conceptual design activities, supervising the preparation of cost and technical proposals and planning, and executing and reporting the overall performance of projects.

Kendal has been involved in a wide range of high-profile projects. Most recently, he has been heavily involved in the largest biogas recovery facility in North America, and the output will help a California utility meet its renewable energy targets.

Kendal possesses strong industry experience in contract development, project delivery options, project management, program management and construction management. His particular strength is his ability to visualize and capture a linear concept of all the items that should be addressed for a successful project.