Kenny Reed

Kenny Reed, PE, CxAP, CEM

Senior Commissioning Agent

"Commissioning isn’t about a single person or a single solution. It’s about a team approach and the betterment of the project to ensure that we provide the owner with the best building that we can.”

Kenny’s role takes him both inside and outside of the office. When he’s onsite, Kenny is involved in new building commissioning projects; reviewing drawings for design review; and attending design meetings for projects that will be commissioned. He also prepares commissioning documents for future testing.

When he’s offsite, Kenny performs site observations and testing on building systems. He also communicates with building owners and their operations staffs about the challenges they are facing in their existing buildings.

Kenny sums up what he is passionate about in one word: Performance.

Kenny considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be the commissioning work done on the USSTRATCOM Replacement Facility at Offutt Air Force Base, which has resulted from the relationships made with the building’s owner and contracting team.