Leila Bouabdellaoui

Leila Bouabdellaoui, EIT

Transportation Designer

During her studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Leila possessed the initiative to pursue a double major in civil engineering and engineering & public policy. She recalls that, early on, she saw the relationship between advancing both engineering design and the policies which support them as essential for engineers in order to bring about change that benefits society.

At HDR, Leila has brought her foresight and enthusiasm to our advanced technologies for surface transportation team, where her work focuses on cultivating safe, innovative applications of emerging technologies to use in all types of transportation projects. She is especially passionate about using technology to positively shape the future of communities.

Leila is particularly interested in the application of connected vehicle technology because of the new data and insights it can provide on transportation networks and how they can be improved. Her work on our Jacksonville Autonomous Vehicles and Shared Mobility Planning project for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority has involved developing the scenarios and the design of an autonomous shuttle guideway.

Leila enjoys staying informed about and sharing, the latest developments in the transportation industry. She serves on our Young Professionals Group Leadership Team and is a member of Women’s Transportation Seminar International, the American Society of Highway Engineers and the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania.