Lukas Kury

Lukas Kury, EIT

Water Resources Engineer

Lukas is a water resources engineer in training who focuses on stormwater and civil related projects. His skills are utilized in industrial, transportation, bridge, utility and solid waste designs. 

Before starting his engineering career, Lukas worked in the construction field building homes. It’s this work that inspired him to pursue design. Lukas is passionate about building the world in which we live but also building a world for the future. For him, this means creating designs that encourage growth while preserving the environment. 

Lukas finds a lot of satisfaction in his day-to-day work but also enjoys branching outside typical engineering work. He is currently on a team developing a field safety app for HDR. To receive funding to build the app, the team entered an internal Ingenuity Challenge. Their team pitched the idea to a crowd of 1,000 people and placed in the top four. 

Lukas enjoys participating at elementary and middle schools, hoping to inspire young kids to explore engineering and find out what the field has to offer.