Mathew Roling | Power Generation Client Development Lead

Mathew Roling

Client Development Lead, Power Generation

Matt is a power generation client development lead, a role that fits his desire to stay ahead of power generation trends. He connects with clients and industry leaders to understand their daily challenges, then works to find and support the services needed to meet them. 

He's excited about the opportunities in the power generation market. With an energy system so reliable that it’s taken for granted, any changes can require significant adjustments. With enormous transitions in power generation already beginning, Matt strives to guide clients to be proactive and at the forefront as the industry transforms. 

Matt is driven to engage in the industry’s internal dialogue and to contribute meaningfully to the difficult conversations that occur whenever change is apparent. Whether the discussion revolves around renewables, or existing and new firming generation, Matt listens and leads with an appreciation of the visionary and the pragmatic.