Michael Hughes | Strategic Communications Manager

Michael Hughes

Manager, Strategic Communications

Michael helps our waste clients navigate their most challenging projects by managing social and political risk. It includes managing and facilitating public meetings, creating and defining a brand for an agency or private client, or creating interactive, cutting-edge digital content to keep stakeholders apprised of a project’s status and goals.  

Passionate about fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment surrounding our waste projects, Michael works to manage competing stakeholder interests and reach consensus. He led the stakeholder engagement process for our New York City Department of Sanitation project, where we studied voluntary recycling incentive pilot programs at the New York City Housing Authority to help NYC achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Michael serves on the Landfill Rebranding Committee for SWANA, working to change public perception and attitudes surrounding waste facilities, and is a member of ACEC. He served as council president of his home town for eight years.