Phil Brandhuber | HDR | speaker | ACE18 conference | las vegas

Phil Brandhuber, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Phil is a senior professional associate in our Denver office who specializes in water quality and drinking water treatment. Phil earned a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Colorado and continues to pursue his passion for water-related issues. His career has led him in many directions including being interviewed on NPR's “All Things Considered” for his work in understanding the extent that the contaminant perchlorate is present in our water supplies. He is active in the American Water Works Association, promoting public health protection through access to clean water.

Phil’s studies for the HDR Water Institute recently led to published articles in AWWA’s Opflow magazine, focusing on the complexities in treating for lead in our public water systems, current regulations and potential future ones.

Phil lives in the mountains west of the city with his wife, two daughters and their menagerie of pets. An avid outdoor lover, he spends his free time hiking, biking, camping or doing anything outside, except, surprisingly, water sports — unless the water is white, frozen and can be skied upon.