Ryan Moyers

Ryan Moyers, P.E.

Water and Wastewater Lead

As leader of our water and wastewater practice in Alaska, Ryan is a water treatment resource for projects throughout the Western United States. 

He has applied his expertise in water treatment and metals removal in remote Alaskan villages, under Arctic conditions at the northern-most tip of North America, and even to fish hatchery design. Ryan has assisted clients in navigating regulatory drivers, including overseeing multi-year water quality sampling programs and developing site-specific criteria to obtain discharge permits for copper. He has published articles about cold water membrane treatment and led the design of a Moving Bed Bioreactor system to achieve extremely low ammonia levels being discharged into a salmon spawning stream.  

Ryan is passionate about delivering resilient systems that work well for his clients. He partners with utility personnel to troubleshoot issues, bring new systems online, and create standard operating procedures that are simple to implement — even in the most remote locations or extreme conditions.