Saša Tomić

Saša Tomić, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

Hydraulic Modeling Lead

Combining the family tradition (his father was the lead karst hydrogeologist in Bosnia and Herzegovina), and a love for computers, Saša Tomić developed a career merging the modeling software development and hydraulics engineering. He has a Master of Science degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on surface water hydrology, a Master of Science degree in computer science with an emphasis on distributed networks and database systems, and a doctorate in stochastic hydrology.

With over 25 years of experience in the water resources industry and 12 years of experience in developing modeling platforms for the two market leaders, Bentley Systems and Innovyze, Saša  provides a unique blend of practical, theoretical, and software skills perfected as a designer of market-leading software applications. He’s also an advisor on the world's most challenging projects, as well as an international authority on water resources computational science. He has been the product manager of InfoWorks and InfoNet water distribution solutions and the lead developer of the GEMS modeling platform, for which he is the primary author of the U.S. patent. 

Saša is an active member of the AWWA and WEF modeling committees, where he has served as a vice-chair in charge of modeling workshops and calibration subcommittee, as well as the author and reviewer for numerous hydraulic modeling manuals and standards. He has had his work published in dozens of journals and has delivered over 100 presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops. He has been featured in the EWRI Water Distribution System Analysis History Project’s YouTube channel as a significant contributor to the field of water distribution system modeling.