Stephen Decker

Stephen Decker

Northern California Transportation Planning Lead

“A safe, state-of-the-art transportation network operating with precision-like efficiency across cities and regions — must be a primary goal for U.S. communities’ future economic vitality and quality of life for all citizens.”

Stephen’s vast range of expertise in the U.S. transportation industry involves nearly three decades of managing state and regional multimodal long-range transportation plans, strategies and policies; freight, transit, rail and operations system plans; transportation demand management (TDM); air quality and congestion management processes; and multimodal, SMART and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) corridor studies.  

Recently Stephen has worked with several agencies to define policies, strategies and programs to address the potential impacts of advanced and emerging technologies, such as autonomous and connected vehicles (AV/CV) in long-range and integrated corridor planning, particularly in Arizona (Interstate I-11), California (Interstate I-680), Oregon, Tennessee (Interstate I-24) and Texas. He also has led transportation planning, policy, guidance and training for the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, National Park Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on topics such as performance-based planning, air emission inventories, congestion management and alternative transportation systems analysis. 

His work with state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, transportation authorities, transit operators, port authorities, and city/county transportation agencies stretches across 20 states. Stephen has designed and implemented programs based upon travel demand, performance, scenario analysis, economic and financial parameters, operations and intelligent transportation systems (ITS), asset management, emission standards, safety, and decision-support models and tools. He also helps agencies design and implement tailored stakeholder and public outreach programs.