Tom Myers | Asset Management Consultant

Tom Myers, FIAM, PMP, CPA

Asset Management Consultant, Lead IAM Endorsed Trainer

Tom is a recognized thought leader in the asset management industry, and the leader of our Institute of Asset Management training. In his consulting role, he partners with clients to develop strategic asset management plans, benchmarking evaluations, emergency response evaluations and process-centric strategies for efficiency. As an IAM-endorsed trainer, Tom shares best practices and lessons he’s learned throughout his career.  

Tom is passionate about bridging finance and engineering to help clients manage risk and maximize the value of their assets. He enjoys training because it’s often the first step in the journey, and can be key to establishing a successful asset management team. 

“I enjoy working collaboratively with clients to evolve the way assets are viewed and managed,” Tom said. “To me, asset management is like a mountain-climbing journey where I serve as a Sherpa helping to guide clients through the process and avoid pitfalls. With asset management the journey is the clients’, not ours, so when they reach the destination it’s a shared victory.” 

With over 30 years of global experience, Tom is adept at navigating technical, operational and business challenges related to utility operations and asset management. He’s collaborated with over 80 utilities in ten countries to develop business plans, implement technology to reduce costs and improve operating performance.  

Tom is on the executive board for the Institute of Asset Management USA Chapter, and he frequently speaks and writes on industry issues.