Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge

Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge

During the post-war building boom of the 1950s, Pinellas County, Florida, constructed two bridges to improve access to the growing beach communities of its barrier islands. The bridges had aged beyond repair by the turn of the century, and plans were set in motion to provide a new structure to replace them.

The new Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge faced many challenges, not the least of which was an engaged stakeholder base. While the affected communities supported safe passage from the mainland to the beaches, there was major concern to ensure that any new structure would not impede familiar views or impact the native seagrasses and local environment in any negative way.

As the prime consultant for the largest single project ever awarded by the Pinellas County Public Works Department, HDR shepherded this project from concept to design to completion. An extensive community involvement program ensured public acceptance for a design that satisfied both technical and aesthetic requirements. And our value engineering approach resulted in innovative construction techniques that minimized environmental impacts while meeting the client’s budget and schedule requirements.

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