Bend Water Supply Program

Bend Water Supply Program

Bend Water Supply Program

The design of three elements — an intake, transmission pipeline, and a filtration plant — helped the City of Bend maintain its dual-source water supply, provide high-quality drinking water, meet federal guidelines and replace aging infrastructure to improve reliability for the next 50 years.

Bend has relied on groundwater and surface water to supply drinking water to local taps since 1926. These aging pipelines and intake required updates or replacement while newly passed EPA Cryptosporidium regulations meant the city could no longer use Bridge Creek water without treatment. Through three different project phases, we helped the City of Bend address these challenges and update the delivery of clean drinking water to Bend citizens.

The $70 million Bridge Creek Water Supply and Treatment Plant alternative delivery project included a 10-mile-long, 30-inch pipeline through Deschutes National Forest and the highest operating intake in the Northwest. Located at over 5,000-foot elevation, the new intake building addresses accessibility, seismic risk, energy efficiency and fire protection. Pumps in the new intake building send heated water to the intake screen to prevent frazil ice buildup — a design first in the state of Oregon. Intake controls allow the City to reduce diversion when water is not needed, helping to maintain a healthy fish habitat within the creek. A new, automated 10-million-gallons-per-day filtration facility guarantees the water supply system meets federal guidelines and ensures a stable water source for the future.

Bend Water Supply Program
City of Bend, OR

Bend, OR
United States

10-mile-long pipeline


Outstanding Membrane Plant Award (2017)
Northwest Membrane Operator Association
Grand Project Award (2017)
Engineering Excellence Awards
American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon
National Recognition Award (2017)
Engineering Excellence Awards
American Council of Engineering Companies