California Prison Receivership Program

California Prison Receivership Program Aerial Perspective

California Prison Receivership Program

Creating a Statewide Prototype for Correctional Healthcare Facilities

HDR served as one of the lead participants in determining the program and operations model, and ultimately, the design, for the 5,000 mental health beds that the California Prison Receivership intended to place co-located with 5,000 medical beds at seven sites. These mental health beds were proposed to deal with a variety of different acuity levels, and each unit was custom designed to meet that acuity’s need, while also remaining flexible in its design approach.

To develop each design, careful attention was paid to each group’s security and programming needs. Patients of milder acuity were to be housed more communally, with many different options for self-directed activity, as well as easy access to more structured program elements. Inmates of higher acuity, or those prone to violence, were to be placed in a higher security environment, with more safeguards for inmates and staff.

Special attention was also paid to landscaping, aesthetics and quality, as all of these elements can positively contribute to the rehabilitation and re-assimilation of these inmates into the general population and ultimately, society.

Mental health services planning utilized multiple approaches, including:

  • User group meetings
  • Facility space program review and revision of housing, support, program areas and medical services.
  • Process flow mapping e.g. “A day in the life of a mental health patient.”
  • Capacity studies Validation of patient volume, utilization and space.
  • LEAN planning methods for operational planning and design initiatives — utilized Value Stream Mapping to determine “future state” for the various process in order to eliminate waste and gain efficiencies for patients and staff.
  • A3s utilized as a problem-solving and decision-making tool.
California Prison Receivership Program Aerial Perspective
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

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