Cleveland Innerbelt CCG1, Westbound I-90 Bridge

Cleveland Innerbelt CCG1, Westbound I-90 Bridge

As part of a program to revamp Cleveland’s interstate system, Construction Contract Group 1 (CCG1) kicks off the initiative with a new westbound Interstate 90 bridge over the Cuyahoga River Valley. Construction of the westbound I-90 bridge also facilitates a second project, Construction Contract Group 2, which will replace the existing I-90 Central Viaduct with a new structure to carry I-90 eastbound traffic. This program was launched as a result of the Innerbelt Planning Study, Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision.

HDR is part of the Walsh/HNTB design-build team for CCG1, providing independent design review and construction quality verification. As the independent quality firm (IQF), HDR reports to both Walsh and Ohio Department of Transportation, the project owner. HDR co-located with the contractor, designer and owner for this project.

Construction review services include comprehensive reviews of Notice of Design Changes, Requests for Information and inspection of the work being performed. HDR also is responsible for preparing and tracking all Non-Compliance Reports for the project. The IQF is required to verify and document whether the design-build team completes the project and/or portions of the project in compliance with contract requirements for both design and construction. The IQF also is given authority from the design-build team to reject design work, stop construction work and reject material if quality requirements are not met, exclusive of schedule or cost. The only authority able to overrule the IQF is the owner.

Ohio Department of Transportation, District 12

Cleveland, OH
United States