Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Cloverdale Recreation Centre corner perspective

Cloverdale Recreation Centre

A Landmark for an Evolving Neighborhood

The Cloverdale Recreation Centre was the first public facility developed under the City of Surrey’s master plan for the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. Our challenge was to develop a design character that would set the precedent for the entire area as the neighborhood evolves. Situated along a major north-south artery and adjacent to the existing entryway of the fairgrounds, the 65,000 square foot, two-story building is a prominent community landmark.

After an extensive community consultation process, an innovative design was developed that emphasizes interconnectivity of spaces and functional requirements for a range of users. The facility features a twin gymnasium, a 10,000 square foot fitness center, multi-purpose rooms, generous support facilities and program spaces dedicated to seniors, childcare and youth.

Another of the City of Surrey’s goals for the project was to emphasize an expressive use of wood while remaining economical. To meet this goal, we worked with the structural engineering consultants to develop a uniform wood beam shape that could be connected in different orientations. This system has resulted in a building that provides dramatic interior spaces and a fluid, wave-like exterior form. An elliptical glazed entry creates a focal point that helps to separate the building’s human scale eastern elevations from the north and west elevations that face the highway.

This project followed the City of Surrey’s Sustainability Charter. The project also went through the Green Globes design process as a pilot project to test this alternate green building design system and allow us to better understand and evaluate alternative systems available to communities.

The Cloverdale Recreation Centre provides a community-oriented facility that shows the evolution of Cloverdale from a primarily rural area to a dynamic part of British Columbia’s fastest growing city, Surrey. Cloverdale Recreation Centre is a marker of change that respects Cloverdale’s past and celebrates its bright future.

Cloverdale Recreation Centre corner perspective
City of Surrey

Surrey, BC

65,000 sf (6,040 m²)
Green Globes Certified