Comstock Border Patrol Station & Checkpoint

Comstock Border Patrol Station & Checkpoint

Comstock Border Patrol Station & Checkpoint

Building Design Represents the Spirit of its Agents

The Comstock Border Patrol Station and Collocated Checkpoint serves 250 agents assigned to this location. The facility includes administrative, operations, training, processing and detention, maintenance, storage, inspections facilities, roadway and infrastructure.

“Beyond all the sophisticated infrastructure, this new facility exemplifies the spirit of the agents who work here every day and share a purpose to serve. It’s not the brick and mortar, equipment, or technology that makes the stations, it’s the Border Patrol agents who report for duty here every day that are the most valuable to us and our mission.”

— Rodolfo Karisch, Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent

HDR served as the criteria architect and engineer, establishing the design criteria, functional program, and design character, along with providing a schematic design that was ultimately finalized by Atkins. Ensuring that the facility would support the well-being of the agents who serve there, the project team designed the building and site to achieve LEED Silver Certification and meet Federal High Performance Sustainable Building requirements. Key features that allowed them to meet their goal include:

  • The site design minimizes impact on the environment by encouraging alternative forms of transportation.
  • Water conservative plumbing fixtures reduce water consumption by 40%.
  • Native and adaptive plants don’t require irrigation.
  • Stormwater management techniques control quantity and quality.
  • Special attention was given to reduce light pollution.
  • Energy conservation measures use approximately 30% less energy than the baseline.
  • Emphasis on indoor environmental quality resulted in low-emitting materials, abundant daylighting, and air quality.
Comstock Border Patrol Station & Checkpoint
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Comstock, TX
United States

66,000 SF (6,131 m²)
LEED Certified Silver