“Der Simulierte Mensch” (“The Simulated Human”)


“Der Simulierte Mensch” (“The Simulated Human”)

A Destination for Interdisciplinary, Clinical Research

HDR has been selected to design the new science center for the new bio and medical technology campus of the Charité and the Technical University of Berlin. “Der Simulierte Mensch” (“The Simulated Human”) will be the centerpiece of the new campus and will be the place where scientists from both institutions research how to develop medical models based on the human body. The site will bring clinicians, scientists and engineers together to collaborate on research topics related to oncology, immunology and regenerative medicine.

The design concept for the site features a clear definition of the spatial flow, elegant proportions and an impressive urban effect. The structure is conceived as a homogenous, integrative and identity-defining ensemble with space to grow in the adjoining area. The cube-shaped basic form of the new science building adapts to the urban development of the campus. Its architecture is derived from the structure of living organism: the technology platforms function like interconnected cells; the meeting areas as the cell nuclei; and the façade as a protective tissue.

The new building is expected to be completed by 2023.

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin