Durham Region Long-Term Transit Strategy Study

Durham Region Long-Term Transit Strategy Study

HDRІiTRANS was the prime consultant for the Durham Region Long-Term Transit Strategy Study, which involved examining transportation challenges and opportunities within Durham Region and developing a long-term transit strategy. The strategy considered multi-modal transportation alternatives as they relate to and impact transit. It built upon approaches and ideas conveyed in the region’s Sustainable Planning Guidelines, emphasizing rapid transit as a sustainable transportation option to address demands to 2031 and beyond to 2056.

Several consultation and engagement activities were undertaken to understand the willingness of residents and commuters to change travel patterns. The project also involved the development of a four-stage travel demand forecasting model, including a commercial traffic module capable of simulating and forecasting  multi-modal passenger travel in the morning peak period, evening peak period and mid-day average hour. We performed data collection to populate the models. Based on projected travel demands, we developed and analyzed alternative strategies.

The analysis considered sustainability, capacity, performance, economic impacts, fit with the Urban Vision, ridership impacts and a cost-benefit analysis, including capital and operating costs. Recommended strategies were summarized in a Transportation and Transit Strategy Report, including a description of recommended strategies, implementation and staging plan, financial plan and strategic partnership model.

Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada

Durham, ON