East Barge Dock

East Barge Dock

Efficient delivery and receipt of products to be refined is important to operations. Valero turned to HDR when repair and upgrades to their East Barge Dock terminal were needed at their Corpus Christi Refinery east plant complex. The refinery is rated by several industry experts as one of the most complex and efficient high conversion fuels facilities in the world. The plant processes heavy, high-sulfur crude oil into light products.

This $4.5 million project included the condition evaluation of anchored concrete and steel sheet pile bulkhead and mooring systems at the complex, followed by design of repairs for wall and fender system modifications and construction observation and administration services.

HDR worked with the owner and the contractor through this difficult and challenging project to overcome funding, construction and site-specific challenges. Geotechnical issues caused by high ground water tables and low strength soils, along with above and below ground obstructions created scheduling issues during the construction phase. Alternatives were evaluated with the owner and the contractor to modify the design and adapt to unknown conditions found during the field portion of the work.

The structural repair and fender system upgrades were important to allow more efficient and safe product handling to occur. With the new wall systems and low friction and more efficient fender systems in place, Valero can expect to have lower maintenance, fewer shut downs and longer service life at their East Plant Complex.


Corpus Christi, TX
United States