Economic Costs of Congestion Study

Economic Costs of Congestion Study

We were contracted by The Partnership for New York City to quantify the congestion and the effect of a proposed road-pricing policy for a 23-county region. The study area included the 10 counties within the jurisdiction of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council and the 13 counties belonging to its counterpart across the Hudson, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

For each of the NYTMTC counties and for sub-regions with the NJTPA jurisdiction, we modeled and simulated the impacts of congestion on average travel speeds and distinguished between total delay and the amount of delay that represents economically excess congestion (i.e., congestion that would not arise if road prices were in effect). We also quantified the economic costs of congestion for 14 distinct economic sectors, including retail trade, entertainment, food service, construction and financial services.

We identified more than $13 billion in losses annually to the New York Metropolitan Region's economy that are a direct result of traffic congestion. As the region’s population continues to grow, existing transportation and road systems will be further stressed and could result in the loss of as many as 52,000 new jobs every year. The final report provided NYMTC and NJTPA a foundation for planning future congestion relief strategies.

The Partnership for New York City

New York City, NY
United States