Fairfax County Courthouse

Fairfax County Courthouse

Fairfax County Courthouse

Historic Courts Expansion and Consolidation

HDR served as the associate architect/engineer and court design architect for the Fairfax County Courthouse expansion, which consolidated judicial activities for three courts systems from two separate facilities. The population growth and outdated security requirements mandated that an expansion, to nearly double the current  space, was essential for the courts systems housed in the facility, as well as a third courts system in the remote historical courthouse complex.

Located in the heart of the historic district of Fairfax City, the new Courthouse is designed to be compatible with the rich historic context of the site. The tight urban context required integration with both the existing facility and the surrounding areas to maintain its presence as a vital element of the community. The new secure exterior courtyard bound by the existing facility and the expansion created accessibility from several levels of the building.

Fairfax County Courthouse
Fairfax County

Fairfax, VA
United States

596,000 SF (55,370 m²)


2009 National Award
Justice Facilities Review
AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice